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We're striving to make your go-to destination for all things finance related. If you've got questions about investments, stocks, bonds- you'll find the answer here. Wondering what the hot stocks are for 2011? We've got you covered. We'll talk about which companies you need to know about and why their stock is soaring.

But stocks aren't all that's on our mind. We'll also consider real estate investments, hot properties and cities that should be on your short list. The deals are hot in this economic climate so if you're looking to invest, we've got you covered.

And what about loans? Are payday loans worth the risk? Should you steer clear or take the opportunity when it's presented? We've got the pros and cons on payday loans and whether they'll work for your lifestyle.

Wondering where to keep your money? First and foremost, there's no better investment in the world than your retirement. If your employer does 401k matching, make sure you're taking advantage. Another top priority is an emergency fund; at least 3-6 months worth of living expenses. You should also consider some form of disability insurance to help you in the event of difficult times.

Further down on the list, but still on the list, should be tax-advantaged retirement accounts such as 401ks, Roth or Traditional IRAs. Putting money into these accounts is critical for building the future you strive for. Lastly, aim to have money in savings for short-term spending; imagine a down payment for a house, or a vacation or new car. If you've got a sizable nest egg built up, many financial advisors suggest putting any money you won't need for the next 5 years into stocks.

We're dedicated to spreading financial knowledge and empowering individuals. Everyone has the ability to manage their own finances successfully, from selecting stocks to negotiating personal loans. The number one thing you need to remember is that nobody has your best financial interests at heart except for you. You owe it to yourself and your family to stay informed and responsibly manage your financial affairs. It's with this in mind that you can successfully plan for and create the life you want for yourself and your family. So happy planning, saving, investing and living from!